If you own a business and are in need of some pest control for your commercial building, give AAA Affordable Wildlife and Pest Control a call! AAA is Toronto’s premier wildlife and pest control solution. If your commercial building has an infestation,  be sure to call us as soon as possible! We can take care of your problem! If you have mice or rodents, we can help.  In our area, we have many pests that can enter in small spaces and gaps in your walls, causing damage and in some cases very big problems. Mice and Rats are one of the most popular exterminations that we take care of in the area.   With over 16  years of experience, we will be sure to please you. Don’t worry, if you are in the food industry, we have unmarked vehicles. We won’t scare away your customers. If you need help fast, please call us! We will have a technician contact you with 20 minutes. All of our technicians are experienced, and are both licensed and insured.  If you are worried about the pests, don’t! We always get rid of the problem in humane ways.  If you need help with pests or wildlife, please contact us via phone or the web!