Over the years we’ve learned many valuable “tricks of the trade” & important lessons on how to humanly deal with nuisance wildlife like squirrels, skunks, pigeons, and the oh so popular raccoon. After 10 years in the business one should be able to say “I’ve seen it all” the reality is that each year we seem to run into situations that are new or we hear stories from other wildlife control professionals that make us scratch our heads.
Skunk in the attic anyone? SKUNKS DONT CLIMB! BUT Its not impossible for one to get into an attic. I can say personally I’ve only heard of this situation once because skunks aren’t big climbers, but the average person thinks skunks climb, probably from watching too many Pepe La Pew reruns. The layout of the house plus the fact the skunk was locked in a wall is the reason it ended up in the attic. A DIY Wildlife Kit ordered online does not come with the experience of a professional installer and when things go wrong because you assumed the noise you heard in the attic was a raccoon but the actual skunk thats in there can’t climb down or even get out of the raccoon one way door, you may unwittingly quote Pepe by saying “I am stupid. No.” We have removed many dead skunks from properties and can tell you they smell pretty bad. It would be a hard lesson learned to have to crawl around in the attic following your nose to the “pew” to find the dead skunk, or paying a company what it likely would have cost in first place to have it professionally removed.