Hi Blair thanks so much for getting the raccoon job done Sean was great…..from the first contact I had great customer service Anne was polite and provided a lot of information about your wildlife services. I was also appreciative of your help and advise in between the booking date you responded to all my texts promptly and guided me today. Sean showed up on time for the scheduled appointment and called ahead to let me know he’s on his way he was very professional and assessed the situation which it was obvious that he was experienced and recommended the most cost effective solution and took extra care with the work required for completion ….I had called other wildlife company’s and one guy could barely bother and sounded drunk another person could barely provide me any detail and because of a language issue I couldn’t understand what he was saying he was willing but limited in being able to answer my questions so I’m thinking if they are this bad on the initial contact how confident was I in their work, not at all I’m so glad I contact your company. If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to give my name. Thanks again Blair for your patience and understanding and getting the job done with in a day and of course you were more affordable than the other quotes