Affordable Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Control Toronto


Hire our Humane & Affordable Wildlife Removal Services and get excellent results for a reasonable price. Over 20 years of wildlife removal experience means our method of operation is working for our customers. If you don’t have a secret stash of cash labeled “raccoon removal” and you don’t know what to expect as far as the final costs, you can count on our services to be competitively priced and our workmanship to be high-quality. Best of all, our customer service agent has the patients to walk you through our process and to clearly explain why there may be additional costs to guarantee successful, long-term animal control.

Some wildlife control companies in the Greater  Toronto Area will claim that the only way to solve your raccoon or squirrel problem is to spend extra money, “right now, take it or leave it”. Their already high service charge you were quoted on the phone, including unnecessary sprays they force you to buy or they won’t give you a guarantee, is now double or more. They make you feel like the raccoon or squirrel will most defiantly get back into your attic if you don’t spend more money “right now!’.

That FREE onsite inspection that sounded like a good idea has now put you on the spot to spend more than what might actually be necessary to solve your wildlife problem.

These high-pressure sales tactics are not used by AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, and we do not make our employees compete to see who can upsell the most at each house.

When it’s necessary, we know how and where to install prevention screening on your roof. Yes, prevention screening will cost extra but it’s the best raccoon removal method.