Mice and rats are common pests throughout GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and frequently enter through a variety of small spaces or gaps in your walls. these pests breed rapidly so it is important to Call Us Immediately if you spot one!

Spotting the Early Signs of a Mouse Infestation

Finding a single mouse in your home is bad enough. What’s even worse is that the mouse you see is probably not alone. Mice are among the most prolific creatures on the planet, and their fast breeding is a real problem for homeowners. For every mouse you see, there could be an entire nest of the creatures hidden deep inside your home. Unless you find the source of the problem and eradicate it, all the traps and poisons in the world will not be effective.

As with other pest problems, the faster you spot the signs of an infestation the better. If you are alert to the early warning signs, you can stop the infestation before it starts. If you have a single mouse in your home, setting a trap is all you need to get rid of it. If you wait until there are dozens of mice in your home, you will probably need to enforce some pest control exclusion methods in conjunction with hiring an exterminator to get rid of the colony within the structure of your home.

Spotting a mouse problem early is not always easy, but staying vigilant and examining your home on a regular basis can be a big help. If something does not look right during your regular home inspection, further exploration may reveal that a mouse or two has moved in. Here are some of the most common signs that a mouse is in your house.

  • Strange sounds in the night – Mice are nocturnal, so you are unlikely to see one during your daily activities. If you have mice, they will come out at night to feed and explore, and the noise they make can be a dead giveaway. Do not dismiss strange sounds as the house settling; you could be hearing mice coming out of the walls and scurrying across your floors.
  • Smudges on your floors – Smudges around the perimeter of walls and around the baseboards may not be due to bad housekeeping. Mice leave these telltale smudges when they move through your home. If you notice any smudges, clean the area thoroughly and check again the next day. If the smudges are back, mice are probably to blame.
  • A strange aroma – Mice leave a distinctive odor in their wake. If you notice an ammonia-like smell, you could have a mouse problem.
  • Chew marks – Mice are prodigious chewers, and the damage they leave can be quite evident. Look at the perimeter of the room and check for bite marks and other damage.
  • Mouse droppings – The presence of mouse droppings could mean that an infestation is already underway, but it could also be an early warning sign. Checking your drawers and cupboards every day is the best way to spot the problem early.
  • Signs of nesting – If a mama mouse moves into your home, the first thing she will do is build a nest. Be on the lookout for signs of nesting – thinks like shredded papers and clothing.

If you spot any of these problems, you are probably looking at an impending mouse infestation. If you think you have caught it early, you can set a few traps and hope for the best. If the problem is more advanced, your best bet is a qualified pest control exterminator.