What To Do When Skunks Invade Your Yard

Skunk Removal: In addition to being smelly, skunks can destroy your lawn since they feed on grass roots & grubs, they also get into the garbage on their nightly patrols of your neighbourhood.

Skunks often burrow under porches, decks, sheds and anything in your yard that provides shelter. If you have noticed skunks in your area it’s a good idea to hire an animal removal company. Affordable Wildlife Control can help with skunk removal in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact Us Today for More Skunk Removal & Wildlife Control Info!

Nuisance Skunk Removal in Toronto

Skunks can be a real nuisance for homeowners with pets, especially if the family dog gets sprayed. If you have noticed skunks in your area, it likely has a burrow somewhere on your property. Don’t forget skunks are territorial, they probably won’t move too far, if they were living under your neighbour’s porch but then got evicted by a wildlife control company.

Most decks are raised off the ground to keep moisture off the wood, this is an open invitation for skunks and other wildlife. Prevention screening installed around the deck, set below ground will insure skunks and raccoons can’t live underneath. Visit AFFORDABLE SKUNK REMOVAL TORONTO Today for More Information! Read more info and animal removal tips.

Affordable Skunk Removal in Toronto

Problems generally occur when you discover a skunk is living on your property. Although these animals typically do not attack people, they do emit an unpleasant spray whenever they feel threatened. In addition to the risk of getting sprayed, you are also in danger of finding piles of excrement on your property, placing you at risk of becoming ill if exposed to them. Plus, skunks have been known to physically damage yards and portions of buildings, particularly when looking for a spot to build their nests for litters ranging between four and seven babies. If you discover a skunk in your yard, it is best to seek affordable wildlife control quickly.

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Wildlife Removal Toronto Reviews, Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal, Skunk Removal Reviews

Understanding Skunk Infestations in Toronto

Skunks are not picky when it comes to finding a place to live. They are often quite comfortable in simply moving into a den abandoned by another mammal. If none are available, a skunk might choose to dig out a comfortable spot beneath a shed, deck, or porch. They might even create a space inside of a large pile of firewood, stone, or junk. Once a skunk has a litter of babies, she isn’t likely to leave the area until her young are ready to take care of themselves.

Dealing with Skunk Problems

Although a ready food source and abandoned den are highly attractive to skunks when they are searching for a place to call home, any secluded spot can be just as appealing. Due to the risk of getting injured, it isn’t a wise idea to try and remove skunks on your own. Finding an affordable wildlife control company can save you time and trouble. A specialist who has the training needed to remove skunks safely as well as humanely is ready to tackle an infestation as soon as you make the call. Why bother dealing with skunk removal on your own when you can have a professional tackle it for you?

Finding An Animal Removal Company to Eliminate Skunk Problems

When you arrange for Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto, you make it possible to avoid all of the following negative issues related to having a skunk living in your yard, home, or business:

  • Spraying of your pets by the skunk
  • Spraying of family members or customers
  • Unsanitary messes on your property
  • Unpleasant odours in and around your property
  • A litter of young skunks being born on your property
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How Much Does Skunk Removal Cost in Toronto?

The expense to properly remove skunks from your residence or business varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the task. In general, skunk removal requires specialized equipment that minimizes the risk of exposure to either the rabies virus or the malodorous spray that skunks emit when feeling threatened. The actual cost of removing one or more skunks from your home or business depends on each of these factors:

  • The number of skunks to be removed
  • The presence of baby skunks
  • The location of the skunks in your yard, home, or business
  • The extent of the labour needed to access a nesting area or skunk den
  • Additional services that are performed, including skunk proofing your property and/or removal of other pests
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It is important not to remove mother skunks until their babies are capable of living on their own. In fact, in Toronto, specific guidelines exist for wildlife removal, increasing the importance of specialists who have been trained in the procedures needed to humanely capture, remove, and relocate these mammals. Affordable wildlife control is the best solution for a skunk problem. Not only will the skunk get a new place to live, but you won’t have to spend a fortune to arrange to have your home all to yourself once again.