Carpenter ants are the most common type of ant and often cause damage to wood structures. These pests don’t actually feed on wood, but they do impact the structural integrity of your property. If you have noticed any carpenter ants in your home then contact Affordable Wildlife Control today to remove them!

Most people expect to battle ants during a summer picnic, but they draw the line when ants begin to invade the home.  These tiny creatures can quickly overrun a house, and once they have established a nest they can be very difficult to get rid of.  If you spot an ant or two in your home, you should immediately start taking these steps to get rid of them and prevent the little creatures from setting up camp inside your home.

1.  Seal all food sources.

Ants are very common in a home’s kitchen because they are seeking food.  Small tidbits of food found in a sink full of dirty dishes or a dirty pan left on the stove are enough to attract and feed a colony of ants for quite some time.  Once they have been lured into the home by these food sources, they are sure to find other meals as well.  Therefore, it is very important to cut off the food supply.  Make a concentrated effort to keep the sink clean and store leftovers in sealed containers.  You should also seal any open packages in your pantry such as cereals, crackers, sugar, and even spices such as paprika.  Either place these items in a zip top storage bag or a resealable plastic container to keep ants out.

2.  Seal the entrance.

You may think that your home is properly sealed, but once you discover a line of ants marching across your table you’ll realize that it is not.  Follow the line to the perimeter of your home, and seal the opening with either caulk or petroleum jelly.  This will prevent the ants from entering your home from the outside.

3.  Vacuum.

As you are watching the intruders march around your home, do not step on them to kill them.  When an ant is squashed, it leaves behind the chemical that attracts fellow worker ants to the area.  You may get rid of the first ant, but others are sure to follow.  Instead, use a vacuum to suck up the ants and them immediately throw away the vacuum bag in an outdoor trash can.

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Affordable Pest Control, Affordable Pest Removal, Affordable Wildlife Control

4.  Clean with vinegar.

Vinegar is great at repelling ants, and it is a non-toxic cleaner as well.  In a spray bottle, simply mix equal parts vinegar and water.  Use this mixture to spray down counter tops, tables, and other surfaces where food crumbs may linger.  As the mixture dries, the vinegar smell will fade and you will end up with a cleaner home that actually drives away ants.

5.  Stake out your territory.

If there are multiple ant trails around your home, use regular white chalk to create a boundary from the intruders.  Simply use the chalk to draw a thick line around doorways and windowswhere ants may enter the home.  Most species of ants will not cross a line of chalk and they will search for other sources of food instead.

Pesticides kill ants, but not everyone is comfortable using this method, mainly for the concern they could be hazardous to the health of adults, children, and animals.  If you experience an ant intrusion in your home, try these tips on getting rid of ants. If you feel the need to hire a professional, Call AAA Affordable Wildlife Control for help.