Wasp Nest Removal -This is the time of year for wasps, hornets, bees, and other things that think us fair game, if we unwittingly encroach on their territory. It’s also the time of year when wasp nest removal companies are in high demand. Visit Wasp-Nest-Removal-Toronto inso site for more info.

Wasp Nest Removal Services
Wasp Nest Removal Services

To most people, a bee or wasp sting is no more than an irritating nuisance but, to others, it can be far more serious, even life-threatening. In such cases, although rare, the advice is to treat the unfortunate victim for shock, and seek medical advice and treatment, as soon as possible. Nowadays, for those who have already shown an allergic reaction to a sting, there are devices available on prescription from the physician, that can be kept to hand at all times, and used to treat the anaphylactic shock that can be brought on by a sting. If you are with someone who has been stung, and you do not know if they are allergic to the venom, keep a close eye on them. Signs to look out for include excessive swelling anywhere on the body, not just at the site of the sting, difficulty with breathing, choking, blue-tinged lips, and loss of consciousness; seek medical help immediately by calling an ambulance; in severe cases, time is of the essence.

For those who are not so sensitive, there are ways to lessen the pain from a sting, as long as you are able to identify the culprit. Bee stings are acid, wasp stings are alkaline, so they need different methods of treatment.

Bee Stings – Bees & Wasp Nest Removal
A bee’s stinger is usually barbed, so it will be left in the skin. Initially, try to remove it as soon as possible, by gently pulling or scraping, to lessen the pain and swelling. Once it has been removed, place the stung area into ice-cold water, to which has been added baking soda (Bicarbonate of Soda), which will help to neutralise the acid.

Wasp Stings – Wasp Nest Removal Toronto

Again, try and remove the sting by grabbing it close to the skin, using the thumb and forefinger; do not use tweezers because they will force more of the venom out of the sting, and into the wound. Place the stung area into ice-cold water but, this time, add some household vinegar to the water first. Vinegar is very soothing, and will help to alleviate the pain and swelling.

Wasp Stings Hurt

Wasp Nest Removal Toronto – There are other household remedies that work to lessen the effects of a sting. For example, pure lemon juice, or even grated onion, will work in the same way as vinegar, as will Oil of Lavender, applied neat, or a cottonwool pad, soaked in Witch Hazel.

Certain herbs and plants repel stinging insects, as well as other pests like mosquitoes; eating garlic, onion, or herbs such as marjoram, basil or thyme, will make you a less attractive proposition, as will Lavender Water, which you can dab on to pulse points, as you would perfume.

It is not always possible to avoid being stung but, armed with the right knowledge, and a few household products, you can ensure that the effects are kept to a minimum.

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