Pigeons frequently nest on urban structures and cause millions of dollars in damage. Their feces are highly acidic and are so corrosive that it can cut a roof’s average life span in half. AAA Affordable Wildlife Control can efficiently solve your nuisance bird problem using Pigeon Spikes or Stealth Bird Netting.

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How to Handle a Pigeon Problem 

While pigeons aren’t one of the most popular types of birds, many people appreciate their racing abilities. In some countries, pigeons are raised and eaten as a delicacy. They have also been used to send messages back and forth between two people. Nonetheless, the majority of people would rather not have pigeons roosting on their rooftop or cooing in their attics. If pigeons decide to nest in or on your building, the best decision you can make is to call in a pest removal company to deal with them.

How to Determine if Pigeons Are Moving into Your Building

Removing pigeons is easier if you tackle the problem during its earliest stages. The signs that you should look for include: 

  • Feathers
  • Pigeon excrement
  • Nest debris, including twigs and grass
  • Cooing or other noises
  • Nests on recessed window ledges, roof tops, or gutters

Physical Characteristics

Pigeons are easily recognized due to their unique characteristics. Body color varies, but it is usually gray, tan, black, or white. The underside of most pigeons is white, and the feet are a bright red color. A black stripe is visible across the tail feathers, and two black stripes are usually seen on the wing feathers. The average-sized pigeon is approximately eleven inches in length, making it easy to see. Pigeons typically weigh about thirteen ounces, but some pigeons weigh less, while others weigh more.

What Do Pigeons Eat?

Pigeons are not picky eaters. While they prefer to eat grains and seed, pigeons are willing to eat almost anything. Therefore, pigeons enjoy foraging through garbage, picking at manure, and eating insects. If people did not leave so many food scraps readily accessible, pigeons would find it much more difficult to find something to eat. Since pigeons prefer not to work hard in order to find their food, they tend to select nesting places located near farms, restaurants, feed mills, and similar places.

Why Choose a Professional Wildlife Removal Service?

Once a pigeon has selected a spot to call home, it is going to be difficult to get this pest to leave. In fact, for the average home or business owner, the task will prove to be impossible. The easiest and best approach for affordable bird removal in to hire an experienced wildlife control company.

Diseases Carried by Pigeons

Pigeons are dirty birds. They poop anywhere and everywhere, creating messes that not only look unpleasant but which can also spread disease. Humans are at risk of getting sick if they come into close contact with pigeon excrement. Encephalitis, salmonella poisoning, and histoplasmosis are three of the diseases that humans might catch if they come into contact with pigeon poop.

Damage Caused by Pigeons

In addition to carrying disease, pigeons can also be destructive. Although most pigeons are content to find a flat rooftop or recessed window ledge to call home, some of these birds make their way into attics and lofts. In doing so, the pigeons often damage shingles, screens, and wood surrounding the opening they are attempting to use.

Cleaning Up

Once the pigeons are removed, their droppings must be professionally cleaned up to prevent exposure to disease. Nests should be removed, and the area should be washed thoroughly.

Trapping of the Pigeons

Only a trained wildlife specialist should take on the task of trapping and removing pigeons. An experienced pest professional has the equipment and knowledge needed to remove the birds safely and humanely. Wildlife specialists understand pigeon behavior, giving them insight into the best way to capture these birds without harming them.

After Removal

Once the birds have been taken from the area, a number of measures are needed to prevent a new group of pigeons from choosing the same spot to call home. Bird spikes, mesh netting, bird wire, bird coil, and screening should be installed to discourage pigeons from nesting in or on your building. It is important to recognize the accessibility of food as an influencing factor in pigeon infestation. If you want to keep pigeons and other types of wildlife away, including squirrels and raccoons, minimize the availability of food  in the area.

If pigeons are making a nuisance of themselves in your yard or home, contact a wildlife removal company to capture them. Since pigeons carry diseases, you should not attempt to move them on your own.