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Squirrels are one of the most common animals people encounter in Brampton, Toronto, Markham & GTA. They can live up to 20 years in urban areas and reproduce rapidly, breeding twice a year during spring & Fall months. Nuisance Squirrels often move into attics, chimneys, and other roof areas to build nests, store food for the winter & have babies. Squirrels are known to chew wires so it’s important to contact a professional animal removal company like AAA Affordable Wildlife Control to have these cute yet furry fire hazards removed fast & safely. Affordable humane baby squirrel removal and nest transfers will insure the mother squirrel has a safe, sheltered place to raise her babies outside of your attic from. Call Us Today for More Information about squirrel removal, wildlife removal & prevention screening!

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Squirrel Removal should never be ignored in the hope that they just go away on there own. In additional to being noisy, squirrels can destroy your wires and cause structural damage due to the fact that their teeth constantly grow, meaning the need to chew things. If you have noticed the squirrels in your area are always on your roof or you’ve heard pitter patter above your head, it is likely that it has a nest in your attic or chimney. Contact Us Today for More Information!

Cute but Destructive – Tips for Keeping Urban Squirrels Out of Your Greater Toronto Area Home

A family of squirrels may be a welcome sight when you go hiking or take a walk in the park, but a squirrel is definitely not a welcome addition to your home. If you have never had squirrels in your home, you may not realize how destructive they can be. If you have experienced a squirrel in your home, you certainly do not need to be reminded of the havoc such a visitor can cause.

Squirrels are natural diggers and skillful chewers. A single squirrel can chew through the electrical lines in your home, creating a fire hazard and thousands of dollars in repairs. Squirrels can also chew holes in your walls and possibly even create structural problems. If you suspect a squirrel in your home, you need to act as quickly as possible.

It is best to call an exterminator or professional wildlife service to eradicate squirrels from your home. Wildlife can be dangerous when cornered, and that cute little squirrel could give you quite a bite. Worse yet, squirrels can carry rabies, so you might end up on the receiving end of some very painful shots.

If your home is currently squirrel free, there are steps you can take to keep it that way. You could inadvertently be making your home attractive to squirrels. Making a few simple changes will keep those fluffy squirrels on the right side of your four walls.

Squirrel Removal Markham
Squirrel Removal Markham

Check Your Home for Opening

There is not much you can do to keep squirrels from running around your home and climbing your trees, but you can keep them from coming inside. Start by checking all the windows in your home, especially those on the top floor and in the attic. Look for any cracks or crevices around the frames. Even a small opening could be enough to allow entry. Sealing up cracks and crevices can keep squirrels out and protect your home.

Windows are not the only way squirrels can enter your home. Vents are common points of entry as well, and easy to overlook. Check the dryer vents, heating ducts and pipes coming into your home. Covering exposed vents with a fine mesh screen can keep squirrels out and prevent other pests from gaining entry. Mice, rats and even snakes also use vents to get into your home, and they can cause as much damage as a wayward squirrel.

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Squirrel Repellent

If you want to keep squirrels out of your yard as well, spraying your lawn with squirrel repellent will be a big help. The scent of the repellent is designed to deter squirrels and other common pests, and it is effective when applied properly.

You may need to reapply the repellent to keep it working, but it is a humane way to keep these pests at bay. If one squirrel repellent does not do the trick, you can experiment with several formulations until you find the right one.

Keeping squirrels out of your home and yard is not always easy, but staying vigilant will go a long way. Squirrels do a lot of damage once they make it inside, so the best defense is to keep them outside where they belong.