1. Squirrel Control & Wildlife Removal

    When Squirrels Invade Your Home: Infestation Facts and Squirrel Removal Squirrels: intelligent, charming creatures to delight in, or disruptive, dangerous vermin to be controlled? Unfortunately, both descriptions are equally valid. While a friendly and inquisitive squirrel might be a welcome visitor…Read More

  2. Help! There’s a Possum on my Porch

    Help! There’s a Possum on my Porch If you’ve ever stepped out on to your front porch in the evening and glimpsed a small gray shape eating from your dog’s dish, it may not have been the neighbor’s cat. It’s possible it was an opossum. If you’re lucky, the creature scuttled away as soon a…Read More

  3. BAT REMOVAL – The Life of Bats in Toronto & Beyond

    The Life of Bats – Bat info from a Toronto Wildlife & Bat Removal Company. Bats have existed in the world for millions of years. They are an integral aspect of the delicate balance of the cycle of life that exists on the planet. Without the existence of bats, life on this planet would not be t…Read More

  4. Wasp Nest Removal Toronto – How Do I Get Rid Of Wasps

    Wasp Nest removal Toronto  Wasp Nest Removal Toronto - This is the time of year (summer) for wasps, hornets, bees, and other things that think us fair game, if we unwittingly encroach on their territory. It's also the time of year when wasp and hornet nest removal companies are in high demand. To …Read More