How much does raccoon removal in Toronto? How much does squirrel removal Toronto cost? These are among the top questions asked by inquiring customers when they call. (416) 560-4656

How Much Does Squirrel, Skunk, Raccoon Removal in Toronto Cost?

How Much Does Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk Removal Cost in Toronto? We Charge $295 to start the Raccoon Removal Process. One entry hole repair included in this price.

(Q) What does a basic raccoon removal Toronto cost involve?

(A) A full roof inspection and fixing one entry hole is usually included in the cost of a basic raccoon or squirrel removal. In order to get the raccoons out of an attic space, a specialized one-way door must be installed over the entry hole. Once the raccoons exit the attic in search of food and water, they won’t be able to get back in that particular area.

(Q) What may other costs be incurred in the raccoon removal process?

(A) Other entry holes are $50 to $75 and will need to be patched in order to start the raccoon removal process. Prevention screening added to target areas on a house is optional but comes highly recommended as a long-term solution to raccoon proofing any home. An average house usually has about $200 of prevention that could be added.

How Much Does Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk Removal Cost in Toronto? We also do Dead Raccoon Removal – Affordable Wildlife Control

Although it is easy to stop raccoons from entering your home, it is not easy to evict it from your roof, wall, or porch. There are provincial laws that guard wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and skunks from harm.

We, therefore, recommend that you hire a professional wildlife control technician who follows all regulations to permanently remove the raccoons. Laws prohibit you from killing raccoons and other wildlife or taking them more than a kilometer away from where they are trapped.

Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost – Raccoons and Their Removal

As raccoons have adapted to the presence of humans in their environment, they have become increasingly willing to move into Toronto attics and yards without fear. Their populations have grown over the years as they enjoy a life filled with easily accessible food and plenty of space to roam. Although it can be entertaining to watch a family of raccoons frolicking in the yard, it can be downright upsetting when they live inside of your attic or continually upset your garbage cans and costing you money.

When Do Raccoons Breed and Why Is This Important When Hiring a Wildlife Control Company?

In Toronto, raccoons breed during the months ranging from January to May. Therefore, these are the months when this animal is actively looking for a way to break into your attic. Female raccoons prefer to live in a warm, quiet, uninhabited space that allows them to raise their young without fear of predators.

They want to protect their young. They are intelligent animals that will rip open the soffit or find the weakest portion of the roof in order to tear their way into your attic. If the attic is inaccessible to the females, they will look for an area beneath a porch, deck, or shed. Raccoons have also been known to crawl into uncapped chimneys in search of a nesting area.

Litters generally average three to five babies, known as kits. Some litters are as large as seven young. The gestation period is approximately two months, which means that all kits are born between the months of March and June. Generally, the young will live with the mother until the next spring, when they strike out on their own, making room for a new litter.

Knowing how much raccoon removal in Toronto will cost you is the first step to living pest free. Knowing the average cost of prevention before you start the process will help ease the pain when you get an estimate. Whatever the cost, raccoon removal is well worth the money, don’t delay or the amount you pay could rise greatly. Waiting for the sound of crying baby raccoons is driving you crazy is not the answer, this will only cost more time, money & aggravation.

Some reasons other wildlife Control companies charge more than AAA Affordable Wildlife Control.

Sub-Contracted Work – Some wildlife companies you call or email to book an appointment are not wildlife companies at all, they are actually Lead Generation Companies who have never even been on a roof let alone handled a wild animal problem. Once booked, your appointment is sold to a wildlife company, this will add about $100 to your bill. Ask the right questions to avoid this.

Large Staff – There is nothing wrong with service provided by most of the bigger wildlife control companies in Toronto, other then they’re forced to charge their customers a premium to pay for all the big expenses that go with employing a large staff. The staff is also under pressure to “SELL, SELL, SELL” extra, not always necessary screen & sprays at every job, to keep a high daily sales average that will carry them through the slower winter months.

Pay Ads – Did you click a “PAY AD” google to find a wildlife control company. It can cost a company $40 to $50 as soon as you click on their Pay Ad (Reserved top 4 spots on Google). It sometimes takes several of these clicks just to get one call, and guess who pays for this expense? At Affordable Wildlife Control you get the best of both worlds, AAA 5 Star Service that’s Affordable & Guaranteed.