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    Raccoon Removal Toronto

    Raccoons in the City of Toronto – Smart Removal Tips for Keeping These Bandits at Bay Raccoons may be adorable, but not when they are invading your home. Over the years these forest creatures have proven remarkably adaptable – making their way into urban areas from coast to coast and wreaking ha…Read More

  2. DIY WILDLIFE KIT DISASTERS. What could possibly go wrong?

    Over the years we've learned many valuable "tricks of the trade" & important lessons on how to humanly deal with nuisance wildlife like squirrels, skunks, pigeons, and the oh so popular raccoon. After 10 years in the business one should be able to say "I've seen it all" the reality is that each …Read More

  3. Animal Control in Toronto – Keep your Property Damage Free

    Spring is here! Are you ready to enjoy the wonderful sun in <strong>Toronto</strong>? I know that we are very excited for the warm weather and we are predicting that the animals are too. When all of the snow starts to melt off, you might have some wildlife coming around your property to …Read More

  4. Ten Essential Wildlife Control Tips

    Wildlife Control Tips – Fall is the time of year when wildlife — raccoons, skunks, and squirrels — begin to look for that warm place to spend the winter. Your home makes a perfect spot thanks to the consistency of temperature provided by HVAC systems. Fall is a prime time to thwart wildlife th…Read More

  5. When Is Raccoon & Squirrel Baby Season, Why Is This Important ?

    How much does raccoon removal in Toronto? How much does squirrel removal Toronto cost? These are among the top questions asked by inquiring customers when they call. (416) 560-4656 How Much Does Squirrel, Skunk, Raccoon Removal in Toronto Cost? How Much Does Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk Removal Cos…Read More

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    Can Your Dog Catch Canine Distemper from Raccoons?

    As raccoons become more comfortable populating areas where humans reside, dog owners are faced with the risk of having their pets infected with the virus that causes canine distemper. Is your pet at risk and what can you do to prevent them from getting infected? Here is a look at what Canine Distemp…Read More